Chapter 15

TS3 2018-05-26 16-01-08-53.jpg

Last time, there were birthdays and that’s about it.  Most importantly, the last child of the challenge was born.

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Chapter 13

TS3 2018-05-22 14-21-09-68.jpg

Last time, there were birthdays, skilling, and another baby on the way.  Then my power went out and I never turned the game back on.  This week, let’s see how close we get to finishing.  I am really hoping that Ivory’s 6 boys in a row in my Sliding Doors challenge strikes here as we need four of them.

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Chapter 12

We’re back after some time off.  Last time, birthdays and births happened.  Then I quit without saving like a dumbass, luckily I only have to give the 4 toddlers makeovers again.

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Chapter 9

TS3 2017-12-05 19-13-12-66.jpg

Welcome back.  After a bit of a scare when my save wouldn’t open, I had to add in a bunch of packs I wasn’t sure were being used by this save or not and it finally opened.  Merry Christmas Eve/Day depending on when I post this up.

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