Chapter 4

TS3 2017-11-17 07-52-03-75.jpg

I was hoping for a nice snowman picture, but someone went through and smashed them all.  Oh well.

Current Household Status:
Holly Berry (Mommy/Fairy/Young Adult)
Libra (Mommy, Genie/Young Adult)
Baldric (Boy #1, Fairy/Child)
Oberon (Boy #2, genie, Child)
Octavia (Girl #1, genie, Baby)
Lachlan (Boy #3, fairy, Baby)


TS3 2017-11-14 15-21-37-16.jpg

We left off with the family at a very boring party.  The next morning my game just closed itself out.  Then wouldn’t open again.  I went through and did a save clean and after a 24 hour break to play FF14, the game opens fast and they were at this point in the party.

TS3 2017-11-17 09-00-32-55.jpg

They left the party and went to get their winter picture taken.  Octavia is barely visible behind Oberon’s head.

TS3 2017-11-14 15-34-36-30
TS3 2017-11-14 15-34-41-10

Triple birthday today.

TS3 2017-11-17 08-36-22-42.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 08-36-28-82.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 08-36-32-82.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 09-43-10-04.jpg

First off, we had to get some furnishings all fixed up now that we finally have a girl.  Oberon gets his own bed and the toddler bathroom got an extension to make room for another potty.  In the kitchen, they get a half wall put in, one more barstool is bought and two counters were add around the sink.  I need to really get rid of the bar and add in a table and chairs, so that might happen soon-ish.

TS3 2017-11-17 09-46-01-25.jpg

Libra pretty much spent the day with the twins.  They were very needy after a day spent out yesterday into late night.  After that she had a toilet to fix.

TS3 2017-11-17 09-48-16-07.jpg

As soon as Holly came home, Libra leaves.  It’s hopefully going to be a nightly ritual so that she does not get stir crazy anymore.

She put two paintings up for consignment, but does not buy anything.

TS3 2017-11-17 09-51-58-44.jpg

Holly ate and went straight to bed.  This leaves Libra, who just arrived back home, in charge of baby birthdays.  Baldric is apparently going to do his homework before his birthday.

TS3 2017-11-17 09-57-07-55.jpg

Octavia is the first with Holly’s hair and nose.  She also has Libra’s eye color and shape, and her skin.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-01-40-76.jpg

Lachlan is almost the opposite.  Libra’s hair and eye shape, Holly’s eye color and nose.  I’m pretty sure he got Libra’s skin too.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-03-15-80.jpg

Lachlan was lonely and since I read everyone’s updates before starting my game, I jumped on the toddler interaction bandwagon.   Yay me!

TS3 2017-11-17 10-08-46-51.jpg

Baldric:  I’m too tired to grow up.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-09-28-82.jpg

Nothing can stop the sparkles.

In other news, peek-a-boo did nothing for Lachlan’s loneliness.

Octavia:  If I could talk, I’d tell you to shut up.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-12-08-77.jpg

Oh, he turned out nicely!  He adds friendly to his list of traits.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-14-21-37.jpg

Octavia gives her twin a hug after his crying jag was over.  I may barf from all the cuteness exploding across my screen.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-33-02-11.jpg

Going to bed straight after work means that Holly wakes up super early.  She has 6 hours until she needs to leave for work and she is stuck back on the potion table.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-35-03-19.jpg

Libra gets up at 5:30 to wake up the twins, too bad Lachlan beats her by 3 seconds.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-35-21-96.jpg

Holly finally learns her 3rd potion.  She now has enough time to eat, although the carpool does pull up about halfway through.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-37-05-66.jpg

Baldric tosses both twins up in the air to start off his day.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-39-00-82.jpg

Libra is avoiding the twins or something.  I have them working on their pegs and xylo for the day.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-39-29-17.jpg

Hey, a pop!  She bought the strong stomach reward, so now I never know if she’s pregnant or not since my game hasn’t produced a chime since 2012.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-55-15-62.jpg

Libra:  I’m not in the mood for shitty diapers.

Good thing you’re a genie then.

TS3 2017-11-17 10-58-01-27.jpg

The bills hit triple digits for the first time.  They can barely afford it, although Holly did get gifts in the mail (as I turned on SP for the first time this challenge).

TS3 2017-11-17 10-59-43-80.jpg

A potion and two paintings sold and now they have money again.

I have learned of consignment flipping, so I will have Libra try that out when Holly comes home from work.

Of note:  In case you were wondering why we don’t hang out around town is that when my Sliding Doors started acting up, I made a new EA folder and apparently deleted my 4 year old library folder.  I lost 300-400 sims and families and probably that many houses.  I have been in a sad, pathetic funk since and I hate my ugly game now.  There is no immigration anymore.  Just an army of fugly face one sims.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-17-01-74.jpg

Holly had an opportunity after work, so she heads off to Attend a Book Signing before heading home so Libra can take off.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-18-03-42.jpg

Baldric was off for his opportunity to Work for a Day.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-18-57-54.jpg

Oberon comes home from school and does his homework.  He did clean out the bug cages first though.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-20-23-57.jpg

Libra has completed half of her LTW.  Now she listens to the guitar tabcast while playing to speed up the rest of it.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-22-05-91.jpg

Homework completed, Oberon is sent out to harvest the garden.  Everything was wilted and the swift gro had not kicked back into gear, so he reprogrammed that and was able to get it to water the garden before everything died.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-23-42-03.jpg

Holly’s opportunity tips her over to a 4-star celebrity on top of giving the family more funds.  They started the day with only about $1,000 (before bills) and now they have $15,000.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-26-11-73.jpg

It’s 8pm and Holly just walked in the door.  I had her go wake the twins up so they can have a bottle and a bit of skilling before their actual bedtime.  They were about halfway through their energy bar, so they should tire out nicely with the rest of the house.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-28-07-13.jpg

Instead of helping with the twins, Baldric heads straight to bed and dreams of the day when I get my new mouse.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-29-44-69.jpg

Libra takes off for the consignment store and promptly spends all the money they have buying up the place.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-32-45-78.jpg

At home, Holly is teaching Lachlan to walk finally.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-33-08-04.jpg

I woke Baldric up to do his homework and eat his dinner.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-34-14-96.jpg

which gave Libra time to get home, conjure some food and set out the dishes.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-36-19-31.jpg

Skill swap.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-37-52-50.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 11-39-15-94.jpg

Octavia can now walk and potty courtesy of Holly.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-40-36-97.jpg

It’s Spring, which brings us Love Day.  Holly is having a joke with Oberon.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-46-07-84.jpg

She creates another potion.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-47-30-26.jpg

Then, just as exhaustion sets in, heads off the festival.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-50-48-79.jpg

After the family portrait is taken, everyone scatters to do their own thing.  Good thing the twins have stored half the toybox in their pockets.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-51-22-61.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 11-51-34-40.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 11-52-28-30.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 11-53-04-27.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 11-59-40-50.jpg

It was a great day for everyone!

TS3 2017-11-17 11-59-18-98.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 12-02-38-33.jpg

Holly took off soon after for another opportunity though.  They get more much needed moolah.

TS3 2017-11-17 11-53-40-92.jpg

I’m not sure if they got a profit out of it, but almost $5k isn’t too bad.

TS3 2017-11-17 12-03-31-10.jpg

Oberon returns home first and cleans the house for the moms.

TS3 2017-11-17 12-04-19-03.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 12-04-43-96.jpg

TS3 2017-11-17 12-05-36-85.jpg

Everyone heads to bed except the twins and Libra.  Octavia is all done with her skills except the pegs and toddler books, which are kept in the bookcase until the last day.

TS3 2017-11-17 12-06-32-03.jpg

The first non-active baby is on the way.

TS3 2017-11-17 12-09-16-34.jpg

It’s Saturday morning and Oberon was trying to be helpful after breakfast.]

Oberon:  Oh no!  I’m sorry, mom!

Holly: Don’t worry about it.  I will fix it.

TS3 2017-11-17 12-10-12-28.jpg

I got the pop up for Holly and Libra’s 1 year anniversary, but got sidetracked for baby!

TS3 2017-11-17 12-10-48-69.jpg

I had her head into the nursery, which caused panic.

Oberon:  I love you, Octavia.

Octavia:  Wub you, Ob.

TS3 2017-11-17 12-11-43-65.jpg

Oberon:  I love you, Lachan.

Lachlan:  Love you, Obie.

TS3 2017-11-17 12-14-13-89.jpg

We got another set of twins and our first full house.

Paige is a fairy.  She is a night owl who loves the outdoors.

Raiden is the first hybrid genie/fairy. He is disciplined and brave.


Boys: 4/12
Girls: 2/12
Total: 6/24


5 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Awwww, so much cute! Freaking love those child/toddler animations. Too bad it doesn’t actually help their socials as much.

    Forgot about genies and their cleaning, would be so helpful! Makes me want a genie now… I wonder if sims can roll up wishes like that? We do have the elixir.


  2. These kids are so dang good-looking. I mean, not a surprise, given their parents, but still. I tend to get a dollhouse for mine and let them up their social & relationships that way. It works MUCH faster than having them all around a block table (and my toddlers don’t have any interaction options. Is that a mod or does my game hate me? LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have a dollhouse, they just don’t use it. The interactions are a mod on MTS. I just got it earlier today and it’s really cool.
      I was not expecting them to look this good. I’m very pleased so far.

      Liked by 1 person

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