Chapter 10

TS3 2018-03-27 06-54-23-07.jpg

Eep, it’s been quite a long time since I played this family (or Sims 3 in general).  Here’s to hoping the game works and I can finish this someday.

Current Household:
Holly Berry – (Mom/Fairy)
Libra – (Mom/Genie)

Paige – (Girl #2, Fairy, Teen, Spiceberry)
Raiden – (Boy #4, Genie/Fairy hybrid, Teen, White)
Olive – (Girl #3, Werewolf, Teen, White)
Paris – (Girl #4, Genie/Fairy hybrid, Child, Spice Brown)
Bijou – (Girl #5, Genie, Child, Pink)
Odette – (Girl #7, Fairy, Child, Violet)
Olga – (Girl #6, Genie, Child, Grey)

Moved Out:
Baldric – (Boy #1, Fairy/Young Adult)
Oberon – (Boy #2, Genie, Young Adult)
Octavia – (Girl #1, Witch, Young Adult)
Lachlan – (Boy #3, Werewolf, Young Adult)

TS3 2018-03-26 21-13-06-64.jpg

Things seem to be going well and the first grandchild was born.  All the kids were out of the house, so it was just a waiting game.

and then I used Overwatch.

TS3 2018-03-26 21-21-13-48.jpg

This caused everyone to age up as it was out of sync.  Unless you’re Olive and then nothing happens.

TS3 2018-03-27 08-15-49-28

TS3 2018-03-26 20-29-45-29

Paige and Raiden become our next set of Young Adults.

TS3 2018-03-27 08-39-03-34.png

Paris aka Spice Brown

TS3 2018-03-27 08-40-33-37.jpg

Bijou aka Pink

TS3 2018-03-27 08-41-33-88.jpg

Olga aka Gray

TS3 2018-03-27 08-42-23-26.jpg

Odette aka Spiceberry…sigh

TS3 2018-03-27 07-33-24-28.jpg

Naturally Olive did not want to be left out.

TS3 2018-03-27 07-39-56-66.jpg

By the time all of the makeovers were done, it was time for graduation.

TS3 2018-03-27 07-42-44-68 TS3 2018-03-27 07-42-49-55

Neither one got to choose a trait, so it was no surprise that they got generic Most Likely’s.

TS3 2018-03-27 07-51-46-41.jpg

Portraits got done and Raiden’s is a masterpiece.

Then they both got kicked out.  I forgot to get their title cards, so those were taken after they moved out.

TS3 2018-03-27 08-54-22-05.jpg

The only thing that has not changed is Holly’s pregnancy.  And the lag.  Can’t forget that.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-00-56-61.jpg

Well, that was unexpected.  I do not recall Baldric and Wilhemina getting married.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-07-48-16.jpg

Home from dumpster diving, here’s your first look at Spiceberry.

I have decided that the next birth (since Holly snuck that pregnancy) will be our Bad Apple.  If it’s mixed twins, then they both will be.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-11-13-83.jpg

Even though she had a birthday announcement, Olive never did age up.  <shrug>  I had her transform into her wolf form and go hunting.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-17-06-38.jpg

Holy crap.  Another one?

TS3 2018-03-27 09-13-47-74TS3 2018-03-27 09-19-47-56TS3 2018-03-27 09-21-25-99

It was the middle of the night and I was bored, so I aged up the three grandkids.

Ashleigh, Mandy, and Josh.  Ashleigh has 0 genetics of the active family.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-34-41-04.jpg

Saturday brought the Summer festival.  After the greeting card photo, Pink, Spiceberry, and Gray joined Olive for a water balloon fight.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-36-31-30.jpg

Spice Brown was off to “Cheat the System”, something she does all day long at home.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-37-47-98.jpg

Holly ran off to whack a gnome.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-38-30-23.jpg

Libra ran off to have her face painted.

I just realized we had an all female household.  I hope Holly has a boy or two before she becomes forever barren again.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-42-58-77.jpg

Holly was sad that she couldn’t join in to have fun with anyone.  She decided to go make best friends with Mallow for an opportunity to up her charisma skill.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-46-22-54.jpg

Can’t have a good festival experience without making yourself sick with hot dogs.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-47-55-01.jpg

Sunday’s paper will probably poke fun at Pink who ran off to puke.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-48-41-69.jpg

Holly never left apparently.  She cheered when Spice Berry won the contest.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-50-05-50.jpg

Crap, it’s prom night?  The day is now cancelled so that the girls can all go home and hopefully be happy enough to enjoy their prom.

No wonder Olive refuses to have her birthday.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-52-27-01.jpg

Spice Brown and Gray failed at the hot dog eating contest.  That means of the four, only Spice Berry finished and the other three had to go throw up.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-52-09-79.jpg

Odette:  I’m the Queen of the Weiner!

TS3 2018-03-27 09-57-16-49.jpg

The 7 lady picture was really nicely done.

TS3 2018-03-27 09-57-44-70.jpg

Pink:  I’m a pretty princess!

WTF did you do to your face?  Ugh.  Go shower.

TS3 2018-03-27 10-00-34-59.jpg

Everyone was showered and changed by 4:45.

TS3 2018-03-27 10-01-53-08.jpg

Holly gets bonus points for waiting until after the limo arrived to go into labor.

TS3 2018-03-27 10-06-41-80

The girls refused to line up properly.

Full moon transformation.  I didn’t notice until about 7:30 that she had went home (oops). She went in werewolf form.
Arrives at prom at 7:42
She wanted to ask her true love for a dance, but he brought a date instead.
Had an amazing night
Tore up the dance floor
Denied for a dance and danced by herself.
Wanted to set a booby trap

TS3 2018-03-27 10-06-09-76

Spice Brown
Prom Queen
Thought Ethan was a joke on the dance floor.
Tore up the dance floor x 2
Wanted to set a booby trap.
Hopes they play her favorite song

TS3 2018-03-27 10-06-36-24

Pink –
Prom picture was awesome x 3
Hopes they play her favorite song
She wanted to ask her true love for a dance, but he brought a date instead.
Thought the backdrop was amazing

TS3 2018-03-27 10-06-05-19

Spotted a 3-eyed llama
Broke the prom backdrop x 2
Fell flat on her face after a mishap
Marched up to her crush who ignored her.
Got rejected for a dance by an attractive guy
Couldn’t stop staring at the lights x 2
Asked a classmate to dance who said no and made fun of her

Violet (shit thought it was Spiceberry, my bad).
Beat the crap outta the person who hit on her crush.
Prom picture was awesome
Fight broke out after someone stepped on her foot x 2
Had an amazing night.

TS3 2018-03-27 10-23-29-66.jpg

During prom, Lanie, girl #8 was born.  We are back to a full house and it’s all girls.

Lanie is our bad apple.  She’s also the 6th girl born in a row.

TS3 2018-03-27 10-37-39-54.jpg

Ewww, why?

TS3 2018-03-27 10-41-01-85.jpg

Olive did not need me to intervene.  As soon as she transformed back to human after the full moon, she aged up.  I think it was around 6am.

Thanks for screwing up, Olive.  That give Holly an extra day off for a total of like 4 days since she last went to work.  On the bright side, Elias is her boss again!

TS3 2018-03-28 16-19-28-75.jpg

TS3 2018-03-28 16-21-56-96.jpg

Hahaha.  I believe it.

TS3 2018-03-28 16-22-51-42.jpg

Portrait is done!

TS3 2018-03-28 16-46-17-51.jpg

Olive moved out, and a new baby is being born.  I have decided to let them get pregnant when I know a move out is going to happen now.

TS3 2018-03-28 17-41-09-08.jpg

Lanie is yellow and that’s all I know.  Oh and she got really nice random eye color that matches her hair.

TS3 2018-03-28 17-41-26-42.jpg

Pax, boy #5, is born.  He will be our male bad apple.

TS3 2018-03-28 17-45-45-68.jpg

Money is never turned down around here.

TS3 2018-03-28 17-50-14-97.jpg

The girls spent several days going to classes around town.  Then we moved towns.  Here they are going back to do all those classes again.

I started having house issues.  It took like 20 minutes to get Olive’s Most Likely and Diploma out of her inventory and onto the wall because the items would disappear and the guide thingy on the floor would zoom around the house and then disappear.  It started happening for every item.  I couldn’t pull paintings off of easels or anything.

TS3 2018-03-28 17-51-05-34.jpg

TS3 2018-03-28 17-52-57-19.jpg

Holly:  Just because you are uncontrollable doesn’t mean you get to skimp on training.  Let’s get to it.

TS3 2018-03-28 17-55-29-73.jpg

All fun items are removed from the nursery, which forces Lanie to use what I want her to.  She doesn’t even get her IF, so pegs it is.

TS3 2018-03-28 18-19-25-92.jpg

Holly is still researching elixirs in her free time after a long break from having to do anything except read charisma books for work.

TS3 2018-03-28 18-26-55-33.jpg

The girls come home from classes around midnight (I turned off curfews) and the family has grilled cheese together.

TS3 2018-03-28 18-37-07-07.jpg

Xylo time.

TS3 2018-03-28 19-06-57-53.jpg

Pax loves turquoise and that’s all we know for now.

TS3 2018-03-28 19-23-48-17.jpg

Libra spends an eternity reading all the books with Lanie, but at least it got done just minutes before Lanie’s birthday.

TS3 2018-03-28 19-51-12-06.png

Lanie is adorable, but doesn’t really look like anyone.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-07-27-33.jpg

Pax gets to learn his books early since he just woke up and Libra is already in the area.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-08-54-99.jpg

After school and Lanie sees violet doing her homework and joins in.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-20-55-34.jpg

With two days until the girls all age up, it was time to start another baby.  We are aiming for a ghost this time.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-46-42-47.jpg

The violet one chats with Lanie.  Her icon is green, so who knows if it’s because she needs attention or if violet is just bored.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-47-53-69.jpg

Spice brown is making the beds.  I did finally colorize their room and they got to enjoy it for like 5 whole days.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-48-05-85.jpg

Grey made mac n’ cheese.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-48-33-48.jpg

No one lets Pax get lonely around here.

TS3 2018-03-28 20-48-48-57.jpg

Spice brown puts away the food.  I’m not sure if Lanie is hungry or if she was going to put it away too.

TS3 2018-03-28 21-34-43-53.jpg

Pax has his birthday.

TS3 2018-03-28 21-35-50-72.jpg

Pax:  Holy crap, this is gross.

At least he cleans up his own poop.

TS3 2018-03-28 21-54-01-41.jpg

Holly heads to Mallow’s for a party.  Now that they are in the new town, we see that Mallow and Caren finally tied the knot.  They have three kids together and I think the oldest is YA, so it’s about time.

TS3 2018-03-28 21-55-08-31.jpg

Libra told Lanie to improve her skills.  So, Lanie spends the night discovering a potion.

TS3 2018-03-28 21-58-52-78.jpg

She was on there so long, she is in the red.  I watch her head for the fridge.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-01-53-27.jpg

Grey must know Easter is on the way and paints this for the nursery.  It’s the first time she’s ever even looked at the easel.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-02-51-82.jpg

Shit, I forgot to turn off auto woohoo.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-04-52-40.jpg

Pancake breakfast this Sunday morning.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-05-12-51.jpg

Woo!  Four birthdays coming up.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-12-25-59.jpg

Libra throws a quadruple birthday party, which starts at 9am.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-13-54-78.jpg

Pre-party dancing.

Libra:  Should I go do the dishes?
Holly:  The house is locked to all visitors, you can leave that single plate alone for a while.

Party time:

TS3 2018-03-28 22-16-26-49.jpg

TS3 2018-03-28 22-17-58-35.jpg

TS3 2018-03-28 22-18-41-77.jpg

Ashleigh was there for two freaking minutes and bailed.  Good job, grandkid #1.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-20-42-48.jpg

TS3 2018-03-28 22-41-10-37.jpg

TS3 2018-03-28 22-41-17-80.jpg

TS3 2018-03-28 22-41-32-87.jpg

Another grandkid.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-41-41-27.jpg

And the last one.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-44-12-92.jpg

You know the rules!  You woohoo at the active house without permission, you get pollinated.  Enjoy that 4th kid.

The party started at 9am.  All 4 birthdays were done by 11:45 and everyone left the party before 1pm.  It was the best party ever.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-46-34-86.jpg

These two never used the swings as kids, but as adults, sure.

TS3 2018-03-28 22-54-39-69.jpg

Libra wanted to throw a great party and got this.  It did not fill her wish though.  Boo.

I saved the game and then it crashed taking the oldest into CAS.  Glad I saved.

TS3 2018-03-29 06-50-00-98.jpg

Paris aka Spice Brown ends our first “Boolprop”.  She is listed as having 11 traits in MC, but apparently that is too long to show up there.  I had to guess at two.  I think the other two hidden have to do with nerd/jock/rebel.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-04-32-53.jpg

Bijou aka Pink starts our 2nd “Boolprop”.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-21-59-41.jpg

Odette aka Violet

TS3 2018-03-29 07-22-56-85.jpg

Olga aka Grey.

Graduation did not trigger for Monday, so who knows how long they will be around for.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-33-44-06.jpg

Pink is next in line to entertain Lanie.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-33-58-21.jpg

While Pax is playing on the slide.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-34-35-60.jpg

Libra takes a much needed break from portrait painting.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-38-21-37.jpg

TS3 2018-03-29 07-40-17-19.jpg

When your big sisters tell you to do homework, you better do it.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-40-56-68.jpg

I can only guess at what’s going on here.

Lanie:  I love flowers.
Pax:  I don’t.  They smell like garbage.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-41-55-06.jpg

If things had gone according to plan, this child would not have overstuffed the house.

TS3 2018-03-29 07-44-07-92.jpg

They failed on two counts.  That is not a multiple and it’s certainly not a ghost.

Roger is born.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-04-26-31.jpg

Lazy day waiting for graduation.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-11-49-79.jpg

TS3 2018-03-29 08-12-49-99.jpg

Holly was hoping to talk Elias into a promotion, but I find out that you can’t promote to top level this way.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-16-37-73.jpg

She did wrangle a raise out of him though.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-14-21-15.jpg

All of Libra’s paintings are raking in the dough.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-18-00-12.jpg

Mandy was visiting, which prompted Pax to join her in doing homework.

I found out that some settings reset.  I had to fix graduations/proms and then I made it so that all kids get the summer off of school and that inactives will do their homework 100% of the time instead of 50%.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-32-07-16.jpg

Violet and Pax have some fun together.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-36-10-36 TS3 2018-03-29 08-37-17-15TS3 2018-03-29 08-38-29-51 TS3 2018-03-29 08-36-07-87

Wednesday finally finds us having graduations again.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-41-10-14.jpg

Libra finished the portraits up and the girls are all set to move out.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-44-10-49.jpg

With three open spots, I am allowing both to become pregnant.  I have also added speakers to all open areas to pipe in kids music for both of them.  I want a ghost baby, dammit.

TS3 2018-03-29 08-50-13-76.jpg

With Roger still a baby, this is the closest we have to a current family look.  It’s so weird only having two controllable sims!

TS3 2018-03-29 09-11-03-58.jpg

Yes, I did forget Olive’s card, but here it is!


All are up for download!


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    1. Lanie’s hair and eyes are not Jade/PB. I’ll have to check in CAS on the hair, but those eyes are so pretty and random. None of the Tart family is even in the world, so I have no clue where it came from.

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